Welcome to J. Strickland & Co.

Welcome to J. Strickland & Co. manufacturer of ethnic hair care products and skin care products. We have been manufacturing ethnic hair care products and skin care products since 1936.

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Featured Product Lines

  • Nadinola

    Nadinola Soaps and Moisturizers

    You will love our line of Nadinola products for all your skin care needs. Soothing skin creams, skin discoloration fade creams, solid cocoa butter and skin soaps.

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  • Blue Magic

    Blue Magic Hair Care Products

    This product line includes a range of hair care items, primarily conditioners, to meet the needs of ethnic consumers. The brand’s original item, Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress, continues to be the number one selling ethnic hair conditioner.

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  • Sulfur8

    Sulfur8 Hair Care Products

    Sulfur 8 is a range of hair care products consisting of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and braid butters used by people of African descent with highly textured hair.

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  • Black and White

    Black & White Face & Body Soap

    Our line of Black and White Botanical face and body soaps. These products are used to remove dirt and grime from the skin, as well as fade skin discolorations.

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  • Worlds Of Curls

    Worlds of Curls® Hair Styling Products

    Awaken the natural beauty your of curls and waves with Worlds of Curls® hair styling products. Providing shine and curl definition without frizz, our products are perfect for today’s relaxed and natural styles.

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  • Royal Crown

    Royal Crown Products

    Original Formula for over 80 years! Royal Crown offers hair dressing, shaving powder, and pomade products.

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  • Artra

    Artra Skin Care Products

    The Artra product line uses an original formula to help even skin tone and fight skin aging. We have separate products specially made for all dry, oily, and normal skin.

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