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About J. Strickland & Co.

Multicultural Hair Care and Skin Care Products

J. Strickland & Co. – Manufacturer of Hair Care and Skin Care Products since 1936

Welcome to J. Strickland & Co., manufacturer of multicultural hair care and skin care products. In 1936, our founder Mr. George B. Long borrowed $500 to start his own business. His desire was to make quality products at an affordable price. White Rose Petroleum Jelly and Royal Crown Hair Dressing were among the first products Mr. Long introduced.

Throughout the years, several other brands were added to the J. Strickland family, including Blue Magic, Sulfur8, Nadinola, and many more.

J. Strickland & Co. Today

All these years later, J. Strickland boasts the most complete line of multicultural hair care and skin care products, all sold worldwide. That’s a long way for a company that started with $500.

At J. Strickland & Co., we are proud of our history and our legacy, but we haven’t lost sight of the road that lies ahead. We believe that the best is yet to come.

J. Strickland & Co. Logo
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