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What is Blue Magic?

Blue Magic is an American ethnic hair care brand that was founded in 1942. Originally the brand only had one item, Blue Magic Pressing Oil. The product line now includes a range of hair care items, primarily conditioners, to meet the needs of ethnic consumers. The brand’s Original Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress continues to be the number one selling ethnic hair conditioner.

In 1972 Blue Magic conditioners were developed in part to be a more affordable alternative to the industry’s leaders at the time. Petrolatum based products had already proven to be an effective conditioner for most ethnic hair types. Blue Magic made them more affordable to the everyday user. Instead of using the more unique metal containers, Blue Magic opted to have larger, plastic containers to last longer. Still today Blue Magic boasts the best value per ounce of any leading brand.

History of Blue Magic Conditioners

Blue Magic conditioners began in 1972 with its original Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress and Blue Magic Bergamot, commonly referred to as Blue Magic blue and Blue Magic green, respectively. From the success of these conditioners, Blue Magic Curl Activating Gel was introduced in 1979 and Blue Magic Cholesterol in 1988. In 1997 Blue Magic found great success again with the creation of Blue Magic Coconut Oil and, in 2005, Blue Magic Hair Food.

Blue Magic discovered that the common philosophy of one-size-fits-all for petrolatum based hair conditioners was incorrect. People have different hair textures and types. These different hair types benefit from different ingredients. Blue Magic has since sought to meet the needs and wants of the consumer in whichever way they go.

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2006: Going Organic

In 2006, the brand decided to go into the more exotic realm of ingredients and came out with Blue Magic Organics. Consumers wanted more natural ingredients in their hair care products. Containing natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, safflower oil, and Japanese tea leaves, Blue Magic Organics quickly caught on for those consumers who found the unique ingredients worked better for their hair. The line includes three different products: Indian Hemp, Castor Oil, and Super Sure Gro.

Indian Hemp, Castor Oil Super Sure Gro

2009: Blended Hair Types

Blue Magic next wanted to meet the needs of those who have mixed hair types. These consumers had a blended heritage which was reflected in their blended hair types. For them the heavier grease base is not as effective and they need a product that absorbs more quickly into the hair. To answer this call Blue Magic created a line of leave-in conditioners that have a much lighter cream base. In 2009, Blue Magic creams were introduced. As is the custom, Blue Magic offered three different creams to give consumers a choice to meet their needs. Each of the creams has the quickly absorbed base, but each has added ingredients to combat specific issues. Blue Magic creams consist of Tea Tree Oil to soothe dry scalp, Carrot Oil for dry hair repair, and Olive Oil to add shine to dull hair.

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2010: Magic Skin Care

In 2010, Blue Magic in an effort to come out with a product that addresses skin care needs looked to find a product that worked well as a part of the current family of products. The answer was Blue Magic Petroleum Jelly. Blue Magic uses a better refined petrolatum than even the leading seller of petroleum jelly. This enhanced refinement can be seen in the cleaner, lighter appearance of the product. Blue Magic Petroleum Jelly is enriched with aloe and vitamin E to enhance its moisturizing and protecting qualities. Blue Magic Petroleum Jelly works for a vast number of applications, including moisturizing dry or ashy skin, protecting against chaffing, and softening cuticles and brittle nails. It can soften legs or face after shaving. It even works well as a make-up remover. The applications are unlimited for Blue Magic Petroleum Jelly Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

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2011: A New Magic Ingredient

In 2011 a new ingredient into the world of hair care was introduced. Argan oil is the oil from the kernels of the argan tree which is indigenous to the island of Morocco. Argan oil, which contains essential fatty acids, absorbs quickly and adds moisture to the hair. Blue Magic introduced the Blue Magic Argan Oil line in February of 2011. The line is formulated with enriching proteins and Vitamin B5. This formulation base gives the line the ability to restore hair’s natural moisture balance. The line was introduced with three varieties: Vitamin E, Herbal Complex, and Mango & Lime. Blue Magic Vitamin E adds antioxidant power of vitamin E to help nourish dry hair. Blue Magic Herbal Complex, the line’s hydrating formula, has rosemary, chamomile, and henna for added heat protection, shine, and soothing relief. Blue Magic Mango & Lime has a botanical formula that combines mango butter to control frizz and protect hair with lime to cool the scalp.

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Blue Magic is a staple hair care product for many individuals and families. Blue Magic continually meets the needs and desires of the ethnic consumer. By meeting those needs as well as offering the best value per ounce of any leading brand, Blue Magic will remain the #1 Selling conditioning hair dress brand sold worldwide.

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